Friday, December 31, 2010


Wow, it has been a really long time since I felt the need to come here.  And yet here I am, on New Year's Eve of all times.

A lot has happened, but even more is to come.

Goose does really well if we can keep the fish oil in her.  There are days that I look at her and I wonder where the child is.  I worry that she has grown up way too quick, that she is another old soul.

Ducky is on her way to being potty trained.  She was doing GREAT, then I decided that we should go to Disney World right after Thanksgiving.  This decision was made the first week of November (!!) so I really didn't think I could get her COMPLETELY trained before we left so we packed plenty of pull-ups - and SO glad we did.

Disney - WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME!!!!   My focus was on what the girls wanted to do and it was just a blessing to be able to take them.

My grandma fell in December.  Due to her co-morbidities (conditions) the local hospital flew her to Toledo to a larger & more experience team.  When she fell, she split open her nose, which required surgery.  Then she ended up being hospitalized for 3 days - BUT we were blessed and she was able to come home for Christmas.  It was a mixed emotion day for me.  I was estatic that she was there, then at the same time I was battling with the fear that this is her last Christmas with us.  Also, seeing her so fragile really rocked my emotions.  This is the lady that had her hair set every Saturday & then went shopping right after (I LOVED my Saturdays with grandma!)  She was the epitimey of class.  This is the woman who once was the mayor of my home town & helped developed our current park.

And on to this week.  This week is yet another bitter sweet one.  Our family is about to lose a man that was sooo full of life to leukemia.  He has put up a battle, for sure!!  Yesterday we went to the University of Michigan Hospital for what will be our last time with him.  It also was the day that all of his family flew in to say their goodbyes.  This is going to be hard for my father-in-law and unfortunately, the stubborness that my husband shows runs in the family,  I am afraid that he will hold in all of his emotions, and that there will be an explosions.  So I ask for peace.  Peace for the wonderful man we are losing AND for my father-in-law.

Tonight I am ringing in the New Year alone, well sorta.  As I type this I can hear the dog's and my husband's snores & the girls are tucked tight in their beds.  I was hoping to bring in the New Year with the hubs, but he was just too tired.  Sign of age I guess. So I will take this night of quiet to reflect on the experiences of the last year and how I have grown from them.  Then as the ball drops at Midnight, I will open the next chapter in my life.