Friday, March 18, 2011


I actually forgot how to get to here!

Where you ask ...

Well here, blogger.  I had the brilliant idea that I would share my current obsession ... you know me I am like a fart in a tea kettle and can't settle on one thing for too long :)

SO I had a few minutes of quiet and I thought what the hay, I'll do a post.  I sat down at the computer, fingers poised above the keyboard - yet they didn't move LOL.  In my head I was thinking, I think it's blogger, but wait no that doesn't sound right.

How did I get here then you may wonder.

I, ummm, went to a friend's blog and hit the little button at the top *blush*  yep that's how I did it. Once I saw that it WAS blogger dot com I was all Homer like

What is new with me???

I got me a new tattoo, and I have a feeling when I go back for a touch up I will be having him add two more littler ones underneath of the one he just did.

Work is CRAZY busy.  I am responsible for surgeries and cardiac caths now - I had a co-worker say to me the other day "MJ, I would put my foot down and tell them to do it themselves."  My response, "No way, I would like to keep my job thankyouverymuch!!!"

Goose is amazing.  We still have emotional meltdowns (which probably would be better if I would remember to make her take the fish oil - oops).  However, her teacher this year has been a blessing in disguise.  Mrs L has challenged Goose intellectually (sp?) which has helped SO much.  Mrs L has also caught on that altho the kids have been accused of being the bully, she is the one being bullied!  *RELIEF*

Ducky is talking up a storm.  I mean to the point some nights I look at her and ask her to shut it.  I know,I know how mean!  But really, do you know what it is like to crave just a little bit of silence in the night!??!  I am blessed tho, with both girls.

OH.  I, a grown woman of 33 yrs, can NOT wait until it is county fair time.  Yep, I admitted it.  BUT it's because I am looking forward to a night with friends, rocking it to SEETHER!!!!!!  and Finger Eleven!!!! and Black Stone Cherry!  YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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