Monday, February 1, 2010

I resolve to . . .

I woke up in a FANTASTIC mood & I have decided to quit throwing pity parties for myself.  I know that things will not always go the way I want them, but I need to feel blessed that I am alive and that I have my family & friends.
My view coming in this morning just re-confirmed that I am so lucky to experience each and every day anew.

If you'd like to be happier (who wouldn't?) the first step may be to challenge your own views about happiness.

Maybe you think that to be happier, you need more than you have now -- more freedom, more money, more love ... fill in the blank. Or maybe you've convinced yourself that this is as good as it gets.

We already know that basing our happiness on external circumstances can be tenuous at best. So what does create feelings of happiness? Happiness is a personal concept that is probably different for each of us.

Take a moment to consider what happiness means to you.

That's one important step in understanding how you can bring more happiness into your life.

Think about the people, places, and things that fill you with joy and peace. Do you feel happiest when you're at home, or at work? How about when you're spending time with friends and loved ones? Or when you're reading an uplifting book, watching a funny movie, or donating your time to help others?

Whatever activities you enjoy the most, make an effort to bring more of them into your life.

It's easy for us to sabotage ourselves by placing restrictions on our happiness. We affirm that we'll be happy if this happens, or that happens, but not when the other happens.

Of course, certain situations just aren't pleasant no matter what - but for the most part, we can choose to enjoy most of our experiences and outcomes, even if they aren't what we originally expected.

Beyond all of this, however, most important is our willingness to accept that happiness is largely a choice we make in every moment, regardless of our surroundings.

Happiness is not a gift we're waiting for - it's already within us.

All we need to do is choose to embrace it; which can be easier said than done, especially if we're in the midst of difficult circumstances. The true skill we should be strengthening within ourselves is learning how to be happy on a basic level, even if our lives aren't perfect. By acknowledging that our lives will never be "perfect," we give ourselves permission to enjoy our lives as they are now.

Make today a great one!
xoxo MJ


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I love your message...but I am going to resolve to live in my pit of despair for a bit longer :)

HeatherLynn said...

i love that you and i see the same morning view!

this morning was lovely, i thought to myself as well.'s a great friend to greet you first thing in the morning.


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

It's so easy to wallow in pity, I love that you're clawing you're way out!

Tracie said...

I want some of what you're having.

blueviolet said...

This is exactly what I've just figured out and am about to embark on the biggest change of my entire life. Happiness is ahead, I feel it.

Frankenmunster said...

when my dear mj did you become so philosophical?? i LOVE it!!! you are AWESOME! love you mj!

Holly said...

Happiness is a choice and some days it is easier than others...but I think your message is spot on.