Monday, August 16, 2010


As some of you who've been around for awhile know, Goose is a handful.  She was placed in counseling during school last year because of her high risk behaviors.  On top of that she is a VERY emotional gal (ie angers easily, cries at the drop of a pin, etc).

I was going to push to have her evaluated to see if she falls on a spectrum somewhere.  Not so I could use the diagnosis as a crutch, but so we could approach her with the needed resources.  Our doctor is concerned, but wants to see how the start of school goes.  In the mean time I have done some research of my own.

Many know that fish oil is a natural supplement for heart & cholestorol health.  BUT it has been shown to help with moods & behaviors also.  The research I have found show that there are children who are known ADD/ADHD, on the Autism spectrum, or depressed & who have been able to stop their medicines because of Fish Oil.  A lightbulb went off in my head ... A NATURAL supplement that may help Goose. 

Needless to say, last night I gave Goose her first dose.  I was afraid because I didn't get the sublingual drops but the soft gels that rival prenatals.  She took a sip of water then placed the pill in her mouth. Another sip of water & gulp.  Did it go down???  A quick peek showed nope.  She's laughing and I am smiling saying take another drink & try again.  Once again - FAIL.  My last encouragement - I told her to chug her water *laugh*  and guess what it worked!

So here is to Fish Oil & my little experiment.  I will try to keep you all update.



5thsister said...

Oh, I'd be curious as well. Fish oil is "brain food". My kids refuse to take it though.

btrout said...

You might try a fish oil high in EPA and low in DHA. Clinically, it has worked better for depression and anxiety. DHA was thought to work for ADHD, but it has not proven itself.