Saturday, August 7, 2010


Something you hate about yourself

This prompt reminded me of this post: Me at My Worst

I still have to say the thing I hate most about myself is the automatic reaction when I feel hurt or violated.  I take such pride in what I do and I care passionately about all I do that when I am challenged (or told I am wrong etc, etc, etc) that I instantly crumble.  Once I get all the emotion out I am okay & able to absorb what was said  & then apply it (if I think it is worthwhile advice)

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HeatherLynn said...

something I hate about myself...hmmmm....

I HATE that inner fear of screwing up....I wish I was more fearless, and less fearful.

I wish I was the kinda girl who boldly goes where no girl has gone before....

while it's smart to weigh your options, to try and protect "play it safe"....but is short...why stand on the shore...when you can dive in?