Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've been Bitten

Thanks to the girls at work I picked up a book I swore never to touch.
I had NO interest in the darn thing.
Seriously, there was no desire at all.

DARN THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in TJMaxx today doing some retail therapy  (hey I found a Levi winter jacket for Goose for $10!!!  one tag said norm sells for $50, the other said MSRP $100)

What should appear in the checkout line but a
HUGE display of said dreaded books. 
I walked by shaking my head
As I was waiting for the next available register my hand had a mind of it's own
Some how THIS

ended up in my loot!!!

Three hours later and I am half done with it
Now, who has a copy of New Moon I can borrow??
I'll have it back to you in a day or so

940pm - I am almost done with it .... poor girls were neglected tonight - well no, not really, the housework was though!
740am - after an hour long fun chat with the 5th Sister last night I finished the book at 1135pm.  Now I am itching to get my hands on New Moon


5thsister said...

Oh, you're going to love them! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thats so funny! I swore I wasnt going to read them either. Then my sister convinced me that they were awesome.
I read them all within a week!
Now Im in love with Edward and infatuated with Jacob!

Kimberly said...

Shopping. I can't wait to go out shopping again. I have been too busy (blogging and commenting).

Hope you have a blessed day.

Tracie said...

Guess we won't be seeing you around for a while!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Yippee!! I'm so glad that you are joining the Follow Friday. I'm following just stopping by to say Hi.


HeatherLynn said...

Honey, you know i have all four books, I'm reading eclipse for the second time as we speak, nearly finished and ready for the 4th.

I told ya you'd love them! i wasn't kidding. I did the EXACT same thing EVERYONE was like heather you have to read them, you'll love them, you HAVE TO!!!!

I rebelled until i caved one day...and man was i happy i stopped being a stubborn ass! lol

I love them all!

best books I've read in years!


HeartsMakeFamilies said...

You are so going to love them. I do. I'm following you now.

blueviolet said...

LOL, I suspected that would be the book you were going to be talking about!!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Can you believe I haven't caved in? My nine year old is reading Twilight right now, maybe I'll borrow it when she's done...

Erin said...

Welcome to the fold, my dear! Now you also need to rent the movie---have you seen it???