Friday, January 15, 2010


I did it again. 

I took the last post down because once again someone thought what I was posting was about them or a situation that would involve them *ggrrrr* and this is why I hate having IRL people who were involved in my breakdown reading my posts.

The secret was not going to be posted public because I didn't want to be jinixed.  It's nothing big, just some answered prayers.

NO I am not pregnant .... I can't / shouldn't become so after having an Endometrial Ablation back in July.

Have a good weekend all


Reminded of a blog I posted on Myspace right before I deleted my account:
May 20, 2009 - Wednesday

a vent - do not read if you will take offense

I need to get this off my chest. The past year has been so drama filled I felt as if I was back in high school. I will admit, I probably added to it, but from this day forward I WILL NOT add to it or tolerate it around me. And it is not just my life that has been affected by drama, NO ONE needs this crap.
I think the number 1 reason for all this crap is ASSUMPTION. People take things that are said, written, or done and twist them to apply to themselves. GROW UP! Unless you have enough balls to ask the original person what the meaning really is, DO NOT assume it is about you. I will guarantee that the addition of 2+2 will not equal 4 and the end result will not be pretty. (you know the old adage: it makes and ASS out of U and ME) You will have hurt feelings, pissed off people, and possibly even lose some friends. And as I said before, I am guilty of this too, and I HATED the heartache and grief it created.

Maybe your drama was not because of assumption, but what ever created it I am sure it has turned your life upside down. We do not have to like everyone we come in contact with, but lets treat them with respect. We all deserve it. If you need to vent, feel free to vent, but don’t expect me to jump on board with the attack (see my blog on collusion). I made that mistake once, and asked for help too late, but I have learned my lesson.

We all need an ear, a shoulder, and a heart, I will be that for you, and all I ask in return is the same.



blueviolet said...

I'm sorry that you felt pressure to delete a blog post. My family used to read mine and I constantly felt censored by it. Now they don't know I'm blogging again. What a sense of freedom I feel.

HeatherLynn said...

hmmmmm....I missed one apparently. Miss a post, miss alot apparently.

I guess i never have to assume when you're writing about me, you always put "HL" so i Know! :)

and you never say mean things here, so i'm kind of shocked to think you'd write anything that would really upset someone.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Sorry it had to be removed cuz I knew it was all about me...hehehe

kys said...

I missed it. You need to go anon with a new blog. IRL people are PITA's.