Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There once was - oh look there's a cat

My mind is going in 100 different ways -
if I was to write everything down I'm sure my desk would look like this

So welcome to my random tidbits
who knows what will come out because
I am just going to add to the list as I think of it

*  Goose had top sales for her Daisy Group - not bad considering I didn't really try

*  Improvement has been noted in Goose's behavior at school.  Instead of outbursts every day, we are down to 2 times a week

*  The two week wait for unemployment SUCKS - we have bills that need to be paid people

*  I am tired of whiney co-workers - get over yourselves.  Be happy you have a job, it could be a lot worse.  AND do you think I ask to be in on this or that meeting - because if you do, you are sorely mistaken!!!!!

*  While on that subject, I AM NOT the favorite.  Just because I go out of my way and make contact with the supervisor and manager does not mean they like me more.  They just know that I will get things done and appreciate the rapport I have built up with them and the offices

*  I hope that the Nurse Practitioner they are looking to hire comes SOON - I might get to move my office out of the department.  (yep, I'm being anti-social)

* I have lost my GC to Starbucks and I am soooo mad at myself.  It still had $20 on it (I started where I give myself $25 a month for SB)

*  I would *heart* finding a weekend only job so that I could stay home through out the week in order to do things with Goose at school.  But I also know that I would hate it at the same time.  I like being able to get out of the house.

*  While on the the get over yourself kick - there are other people in my life that need to do the same.  The world does not revolve around you.

*  Work is basically giving me permission to overeat today.  They are taking the total amount made in the Cafe, matching it, and then donating it for Haiti Relief!!!!!!

I'm sure I could go on, but goodness knows I don't need my blog to look like that desk.  That and I really should get some work done.  I have my own stats, plus the ones my supervisisor delegated me to do.  And catching up from leaving early plus an hour long meeting yesterday.  (see I can't even complete a thought!!)

Love to all


5thsister said...

I was going, all like, amen sister! That is until you got to the part that the world doesn't revolve around me. Darn it. That would have been pretty cool.

Have a great day!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

In still think the world should revolve around me, it would be so much easier! ;)

HeatherLynn said...

i had a mcdonald's fillet o'fish...and FRIES! my job made me do it too! ;)


Baby Marshie said...

OHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!! I hope you find the SB gift card. I would be crying.

Holly said...

Get it off your chest girlfriend! Way to go Goose with those cookie sales!...and the school!

Sorry about the other stuff...I have been at home or worked for myself for so long, I think I would be a rotten employee.