Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Degree in . . .

Bet you would never have guessed that I attended

but I did & I am it's number 1 fan!
I encompassed everything that this University had to offer & passed with flying colors.

I have shirked my duty as a blogger - I haven't posted.  I haven't commented. And honestly, I'm not sad about it.  However, I am a little disappointed that it seems I have lost some of my support.  Yes, it is partially my fault because I haven't been doing what I should as a blogger, but I guess I was hoping that some of the ones that I have offered support to other than through the blog would have reached out and at least said hey. 

I know that most readers are just stopping by for some entertainment & not life long friendship.  The delusional thoughts and/or wishful thinking on my end felt as there were some real connection between a few of us.  Maybe there still is & I just haven't tried hard enough or maybe we have grown & changed. 

Hope everyone is doing well.



5thsister said...

Your true followers and friends will stick by you through these dry spells. No worries!

HeatherLynn said...

you know i'm still here. I'm morbidly depressed, but still here.


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I think sometimes that blogging is cyclical- there are times of great commenting and reading, and other times when it seems really lonely. Your blog will be just fine, and the followers that enjoy you will still be around, I promise!

Karen Whittal said...

New on your blog, connected to your message to David on his last blog, will stay tuned to your blog. I see you are a Mandela fan, i am from South Africa, and we can thank him for the peaceful transition to independance.