Saturday, March 6, 2010

In Honor of

all those "trashy" girls AND my girls ;o)

My very first tattoo - circa 1999
to me the butterfly signified the growth & changes of my late teens/early 20's
I actually felt beautiful for the first time

A spur of the moment inking.  2000/2001
I LOVE yellow/peachy colored roses, BUT hate that they die so fast.
My solution, a perment rose - the blue is an artist addition & I couldn't be happier with it.

Fast Forward to TODAY!
Great company of HeatherLynn & my bff Heather
Sparks of excitement
I don't know if I am so excited for the thrill of the ink or for the promise of Chinese food afterwards! (hey I didn't receive this zaftig shape by not eating!)
We embark on the short journey down Lincoln Highway to Van Wert.
Our destination - T-N-T Tattoos

stencil on - no turning back
Terry & his hot pink gun
(and let me tell you - what a gun it is)

4 hours old - she's a beauty

Today, in honor of my girls & my 2 unborn children I had the Celtic Motherhood Knot inked on my back.
 The 2 rosey pink dots are in honor of the girls
The 2 seafoam green are in honor of my unborns

The stories that could be told - from the ones the artists shared to the ones we created ;o)
Lets just say that I got a little too up close & personal with Terry

I can not be any happier with how it turned out & can honestly say that I feel as though my inking days are over.  I feel complete.


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Lovely! Doesn't it hurt like heck in the best possible way? ;)

HeatherLynn said...

it really does look great....and I should know, i was there to see it come to life!

I hope that this time next weekend, I will be posting my very first, very exclusive tattoo pics as well!

and my tattoo artist doesn't have balls so, i don't have to worry about swinging my arm for the reach around! ;)



Karen Whittal said...

You are very brave, I am far to much of a baby to have any needle near me unless absolutely necessary