Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What A Week - already

On Sunday I was wishing for it to be Monday
never again will I do that!

Ducky woke up SCREAMING
not like my baby at all

Ducky couldn't stand, walk, or run
definitely not my baby

Much internal debate
and a phone call to Call-A-Nurse

ER bound we were
just to be made to feel stupid

Triage Nurse felt I was an over reacting mother
and when she found out I was employee
said there was NO way she would have came
because of the following breakdown

ER visit = $200
Ambulatory Care visit = $35

My child = PRICELESS

Four x-rays
One Blood Draw
3.5 hour ER visit
pic stolen from a google search

She's still limping around
still falls to the ground occasionally
but no more screaming!

My google diagnosis: In children from two to ten years old, the most common cause of hip pain is transient synovitis (TS). This involves swelling or inflammation of the synovium of the hip. The synovium is a tough covering of the joint. Often, the child will have had a cold or viral infection just before the hip pain started. Transient synovitis usually lasts ten days. It generally gets better on its own.


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Poor baby! I sometimes overreact (according to my husband) but I'd always rather err on the side of caution. There's no price for peace of mind.

Sam said...


Sorry to hear about all of that.

Maybe have a look at this site where it talks about using an acupressure mat for hip pain.

Its in Australia but you probably buy them anywhere.

All the best...Sam

5thsister said...

Oh Mary, how scary for you and your baby! You did the right thing. Since they couldn't find anything did they think it could be something neurological going on? But then, that probably would not have involved pain. I hope and pray you are correct and this resolves over the course of a week. I'll offer up prayers! GBU