Saturday, March 20, 2010

who's going to win

I have this internal debate going on right now. 
Do I stay or do I go? 
The joy of blogging has sort of been sucked out of me.

I have several posts floating around up in my head & started, but I just can not seem to finish them.

Then on top of that I feel like this:

Working full time
Mom full time
Part time job
2nd part time job to start again
Crap at home



HeatherLynn said...

you will know when you know! take your time. :)

Karen Whittal said...

Never stop doing something you love, because you will hold those you love responsible, give yourself a couple of hours a week where everyone knows that is your time, My girls are 26 and 16 and I still do that..Good Luck

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I know how it feels. Maybe just take a day or two to rest from it, then come back when you feel up to it. It should be something that you do because you enjoy it, but I know for me sometimes it can be a chore. As soon as it isn't fun anymore, you need a little break. We'll still be here!