Monday, April 12, 2010

Dog Days

We have been tossing around about getting another dog.  I *heart* boxers and would love to have another one but I also want to "rescue" or take in one that needs a new home.  We have been watching Craigslist & Angels for Animals to see if we could find a pooch we all could love.  I thought we had found a BEAUTIFUL boxer thru Angels,   but she went to a wonderful home in Indiana.

Saturday I thought what the hey lets look one more time at Craigslist

This was posted just minutes prior to my arrival:
Boston Bulldog
6 mo male
loves kids
crate trained
on his way to being housebroken
and then this picture:
How could you NOT fall in love with that face!!!

I tried calling B, but no answer.  I hmm'd haw'd around for 5 minutes and then decided I didn't care what he thought, if we were to get this dog I need to call NOW.  RING * RING * RING * RING CRAP he's already received a call on him, but me being hopeful left a message.

10 minutes later the guy calls me saying that yeah he was talking with a girl from Findlay and that she wasn't sure & wanted more pictures.  He went ahead and answered my questions (#1 WHY are you rehoming him? because he was their SEVENTH dog!!!!) and we talked for 20 minutes about him & dogs in general.  He offered me their little chihuahua Libby if we really were interested in a dog because he could tell I was a good person & knew I would give her a good home.  I told him I would talk it over with B during supper with my parents.  Well on the way to Ottawa I got the best news EVER.  The girl from Findlay called and said that she was too busy to come and that if he was still available when she could come down she would take him.  The guy decided that she really didn't want the cutie and wanted to offer him to me!!

This is were I admit I was crazy, but I took lessons from HL ;o)   I went by myself, 40 min south, to a stranger's house to meet this lil guy. And it was love at first site (of coures I loved all of the dogs they had .... a cancer ridden pit bull *ssooo sweet*, 2 English Bulldogs, 2 Boston Terriers, the chihuahua, & of course the Boston Bulldog)

An hour after arriving at their home I decided it was time to go

and of course he came with me!!!

Introducing the newest member of the family
Jedi :o)


HeatherLynn said...

he's so stinkin cute! Hope he likes his new cousin Chubs! :)

Can you say "play date"?


Tina said...

He is completely ADORABLE. And the name is perfect. I have boys 10 and 13 who are Star Wars fans and we three are on a fierce campaign to convince The Engineer that we need a dog. Wish us luck! And congrats to you and your new family member.

5thsister said...

congratulations on the new addition to your family!

Holly said...

He is so cute!!!! You are so could you not love that face. I love dogs...they are the perfect companions. Welcome Home Jedi!