Friday, April 9, 2010

i don't know what to title this

first off - welcome to the new followers!! I am soo sorry I haven't responded to your comments yet.  It has been a crazy week in my household - I hope you enjoy your visits & that you stick around.

crazy week is an understatement.  Work is busy for this time of the year - not that I am complaining.  The other day though I had one of the anesthesia docs call me & use his "stearn" voice with me.  I supposedly didn't do my job, well I did but he was uber cranky as was the surgeon.  An older, sick, guy was having some hardware removed from his mouth & when I talked with the surgeon's staff I told her I had labs & ekg from X date and that I would need new history & physical and orders.  Well they also ran new labs (which I didn't know) & the surgeon was PO'd that they weren't on the chart.  He got in the anes doc's face, which is why he called me.  Of couse I got mouthy with the anes doc because I did all I could do - I asked him where I was suppose to pull this crap out of & if he wanted to get me a crystal ball!?

Then my "free" time this week was spent on the phone making sure that everything was lined up for the office move.  This morning I arrived at work 15 min early to find my desk in pieces out side of my new closet office & my computer and phone were disconnected & thrown to the side in the old "office"  I hooked up the phone so I could at least answer incoming calls - good thing too since there were a few more than usual this morning.  We had a company come in & make sure that my existing desk would fit in the closet, along with a 3 drawer file cabinet.  When the guys were setting up the desk I get a "Mary come here & look at this". Yeah everything fit, but there was no way I could open the drawers.  ugh  So back to the drawing board I went - trying to figure out how I was going to get my phone, computer, printer, & 2 faxes in this place without things to set them on.  In the end it all worked out & thanks to a wonderful biomed I was up and fully functional by 1pm!
(my highlight of Wednesday - my new chair, sooo comfy)

Today was an awesome day for compliments.  I did Friday casual since I knew I was moving - really nice pair of jeans & a sweater with my boots.  I think I received more compliments on this outfit than I received my whole life.  Then they were also saying how the loved the hair - which is disaster since last weekend I went for a "trim" and ended up with it all cut off but the front pieces.  I came home & promptly cut 2 inches off the front because it just looked stupid.  Oh and one of the people saying they liked my sweater was another anesthesia doc that is normally not so nice (we have a major love HATE relationship, heavy on the hate)

Then to top off the night, I get a text from someone that I haven't talked to in months. 
"did you need something this morning?"  uummm what are talking about
"you called at 601"  crap. B was going thru my phone while I was in the shower & hit send on a msg I had saved when a whole shitload of crap was going on. 
I called him on it & now I am in the wrong for being upset. UGH


5thsister said...

Hey least you have a nice chair! LOL.

Had a crappy day at work. Horrible. Full house. doing my best to stay afloat. 2 more days until I'm off.

Erin said...

No fair on his going through your phone while you were in the shower. But nice you got so many compliments....will we get to see your new 'do?