Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Amazing

what a special delivery can do to brighten your day.  Especially when it was a really long & busy one.

About 330 I received a call from one of the registration girls asking me if I wanted to come visit her real quick.  I was like, ummm why??  Someone is here with a delivery for you, do you want her to leave it or for me to direct her to you.  I told her to just have it left there & that I would be right over.

What did I find??

with a card that said:
Beautiful flowers for a
beautiful lady

of course it was unsigned, but I knew instantly who sent them.
There is only a very select few that knows I *heart* daisies, and only one who made the mistake of sending me roses once.  B is trying to re-woo me I do believe.

It defintely brought a smile to my face today :o)


Tina said...

What a lovely treat! Do enjoy :-)

Erin said...

beautiful! hubs rarely gets me flowers, but i do so love them!