Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am able to say that it's over - and I couldn't be more at peace right now with the situation from a year ago than I am right now.   The person I thought was a wonderful friend wasn't meant to be mine, and you know what I'm okay with that.  I have enough crap to deal with & don't need hers.

Now to face everything else going on in my life!


Tina said...

Hey MJ, I also had a friend who turned out to be complete and total CRAP. She wanted me to solve her stuff for her, and when I couldn't, made me feel like shit for not saving her from her own life. I don't know you, but I admire you already. You seem brave, and ready to fight, and I'm following you. Life Interrupted, indeed. If you read me at Life is Good (which ironically was named when it was, which it not so much is now...) you'll see that I, too, am at an interrupted place. To catch up quickly, I suggest Abrupt U-turn, and Yes, Just Like the Hurricane.

HeatherLynn said...

You are better off without her, I am positive of THAT!

Onward and upward baby!

Go listen to the BB King Song, "better not look down"...quick, go now! :)