Friday, November 6, 2009

The Friday Confessional

Week 4 of The Friday Confessional - I love the idea people, but if we are going to make it worthwhile we need to get it out there in bloggy world.  I suck at "advertising" myself because I tend to be the one who doesn't want to be seen. <-- that is sort of funny if you think about it, because isn't a blog sort of like saying look at me, look at me!?

If you like the idea of the confessional, please play along. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. I am all about constructive criticism!

A housekeeping item:
1. Confessions must NOT contain anything ILLEGAL (ie: murder)

Post your confession in my comments - whether you are signed into your account or as anon. It would be great if you did this route, if you could at least put the fun Friday Confession Cartoon on your site saying you posted a confession over here (this gets the word out and may just keep me motivated to keep this up!)


Create a post on your site displaying the lovely Friday Confession Cartoon, link back to here, and sign in with Mr Linky (just for jodikris over at Workin It Out!)

This week I need to confess:
*  I have ate so much of the candy from Halloween, I am bloated and miserable and probably have gained 5 pounds
*  I have thought about moving into the spare bedroom (I have not step foot in this room for 6 mo)
*  I feel horrible for the above thought
*  I have used the computer to avoid my husband this week
*  I hate that I have moved away from my moving, thought provoking posts.

Now what do YOU want to confess??


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I have eaten everything that is not nailed down. Damn hormones.

Tami G said...

I have not been to the gym ONE SINGLE TIME since running the 5K last Saturday :(

Anonymous said...

I don't even really like the "friend" that I meet up with to workout, but if I don't schedule it with her, I end up not doing it. SO, I grin and bear it, but leave every day gritting my teeth about the stupid things she does/says.

SparkleFarkle said...

Confesssion: It wasn't the dog who had gas.

P.S. to Tami G: What's a gym?

SparkleFarkle said...

You just got yourself some of that thar free advertisy: I just posted your Confessional Friday cartoon on my blog. Hope it gets you a few more come-cleaners!

kys said...

Now that you put the disclaimer on here, I don't have anything to confess!

I was glad that my work kiddos were all sick on Wed because I didn't have to do anything.

ShellSpann said...

I ate WAY too much candy this week. I don't even really like candy. WTF is wrong with me!?! ;)

Tami G said...

SparkleFarkle: it's this place I go to feel better about myself. this week: not happening LOL

next confession - I have had a pity party all week....... =(

jodikris said...

Thanks MJ and I also "confessed"!

Angel said...

I confessed too! And my friend is also joining in!

Holly said...

My confession...don't want do do anything I need to do...spending too much time on the computer, especially blogger and not enough time playing with the munchkins!


Anonymous said...

1. My house is a wreck. Im not kidding. Its really messy.

2. Im sitting here in my workout clothes, knowing full well Im probably not gonna work out today. (I didnt yesterday either!)

3. I am letting Nick Jr babysit my kids so I dont have to listen to them fight and whine......

Yep, its 2pm and I have no desire to get anything accomplished today... LOL