Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Rambles & THETA mom


Well it is official, work is flat out crazy.  We have hit the end of the year rush - people trying to have all their elective surgeries completed before the end of the insurance fisical year.  This means that I am on the phone non-stop making sure that our patients have everything they need completed so that we have a smooth and safe surgery department.  I am trying to sweet talk Cardiologist offices into sending me clearance information that they have already sent Surgeons because I can not get it through the office staff heads I need the stress tests and echocardiograms.

What the above rambles mean is if I am lax in posting or commenting, it does not mean I don't "love" you all, it just means I am running my butt off (hhmm too bad not literally!)

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Wowsers, Erin over at The Mother Load  tagged me as a THETA (The True, Authentic) mom.  I am to share five reason why I deserve to be a THETA mom and then tag some more mommy's and challenge them to name their reasons.

I encourage my girls to express thier artistic side as much as possible, although sometimes that can backfire.

Rather than making sure that the home is all nice and neat, I would rather spend quality time with my girls.  This means that laundry never gets put away. and I often times leave the toys out. We also stay in our PJs all day when we can and watch TV probably more than we should.

I carry on the "old" sayings so that my children may one day pass it on to their children also.  I make them lick thier plates clean because there are starving children and I encourage playing in traffic (Note these are not my kids, but they are family - and no one was harmed in this filming)

 I am a stickler for respect and politeness.  Therefore even at 14 months the girls were saying please, thank you, excuse me and calling their caregivers Miss or Mister.  I expect my children to know when to appologize for their behaviors and I encourage them to play with children who are not like them. 

Emotions and feelings are discussed daily.  There is no reason why children should be sheltered from thier own or others.  They need to see how others deal with things and determine what is the right and wrong ways to handle things (unfortunately I am normally a bad example and yell, cry, and pout more than I should.)

I would much rather do without myself than see my girls go with out.  I will put everything I am doing or want on hold so that they can have what they want/desire (well within reason)  Lets just hope that I am never in a car accident or caught with out some pants on ;o)

There you have it folks, my five reasons why I feel I am a THETA mom.  I would like to tag the following moms:  

All right all - I am going to end the torture - I was going to include the wonderful award that Erin also gave me on Sunday and my Weekly Wisdom, but this post is becoming as long as Santa's naughty list!
Make today a great one my friends!

oh, oh, oh - PS - I wanted to share this quote I found:  When things go wrong in your command, start searching for the reason in increasingly larger circles around your own two feet.  Gen Bruce Clarke  (I think that this can apply both in our personal and business lives)


kys said...

That stinks that you are going to be so busy at work. We'll still be here when you return.

I love you THETA mom post! Those were awesome reasons. Your kids are polite and creative? Great combo!

Have a good week. (The rest of it, anyway.)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I agree, you sound like an amazing mom! Thank you for thinking of me :)

Erin M. said...

I love your post!

I am so glad you are teaching the kiddos proper manners, etc. There are so many kids today who can be so rude. I dunno, I just figure it's one of those things---they HAVE to say please & thank you, etc....but it's amazing to me how many kids don't. Good for you!

And who cares if the toys don't get cleaned up or the laundry put away? As long as you are all having fun is what truly matters.

Holly said...

You always have creative ways of approaching posts....great post! Yeah for manners! Good job Mom!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I teach my kids to be rude. I figure since I have to train my hubby, they can be trained as well by their spouses.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I love it when other people leave the toys out, too!! I cringe at the parents who organize all the toys back into proper places after the kids go to bed (either after the kids have done it "wrong" or not done it at all). I just kick stuff out of my way and then curse my stubbed toes :)

And LOL on the car accident/pants!! You should sign up for the Victoria's Secret mailing list- they are always sending me free panty cards that I either forget to use, or have to "waste" on fat pregnant-sized undies!

Theta Mom said...

I love it when toys are left out, too. I mean, where the hell are we supposed to put all this stuff anyway?! BTW, new to your blog and found you through the Theta Mom tag! You ARE a Theta Mom! So glad to have found you and your blog. Look forward to reading more. ;)

Jennifer said...

You totally stole one of the people I would have tagged.

Thanks anyway... :)