Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It isn't easy being green - or is it!?

The lovely Erin over at The Mother Load is running her first give away, and the loot is FABU!  She has bunches of products that will help us all become Greener, saving our planet's resources.  With this giveaway she has a lovely, reusable, produce bag AND some rocking Snack Taxis!!  (<--- I really really want these!!!!!!!)    Now RUN over to her place (yes run, don't walk, she is worth it!) and check her giveaway out and then the rest of her other wonderful, inspiring posts!

Here are just some of the ways that my family & I are trying to save our wonderful Earth & be green.

*  when packing lunches, we use re-usable containers instead of ziptop bags

*  we have made it a game to see who can find/point out the items we can recycle in the home (which leads to an over flowing recycle bin every two weeks!!)

*  I have made an honest effort to NOT use the plastic grocery bags.  Instead we have purchased several of the re-usable ones - I will never go back to plastic.  These bags are so sturdy and hold SO much more.  (If I happen to forget my bags and I am too lazy or strapped down with kiddos, I make sure to ask for paper and if that is not available, I take the plastic bags to the recycle bin at our Wal-Mart)

* instead of grabbing a styrofoam cup every morning for water and coffee, I have purchased/brought in re-usable water jugs and mugs.

* we use compact fluorescent lightbulbs

*  the thermostat is programable, and I have it set so that it is way cooler during the day and at night and I turned it down/up 2 degrees (depending on season)

*  we RARELY use paper towels.  Even for cleaning I have dedicated rags or old mis-matched socks.

* I use vinegar to clean as much as possible!

* AND NOW I CAN USE THE WONDERFUL PSA ESSENTIALS STAMPER THAT I WON FROM HOLLY @ 504 MAIN (it is going green right, because before I would print my own labels, then end up losing them and printing more and this is WAY too cool for me to lose)

I am sure there are more, but I am running out of time!  Remember - RUN TO ERIN'S PLACE NOW!!!


Erin said...

Thanks again so much for posting this & linking to me....you really are a winner this week, huh?

Will let you know when I ship!


Holly said...

I really like using vinegar and other homemade non toxic concoctions for cleaning. Erin's giveaway is great!