Thursday, July 2, 2009

Duct Tape Please

Is it wrong to tape up a mouthy 5 yr old???? I think that this one needs a MAJOR attitude adjustment and soon! If she does not get her way she starts to throw a fit and tell me she hates me. Oy Vey, if this is just a sample of what puberty will be I am going to admit my self voluntarily to the Psych ward this time!!

A has been SUPER clingy too. I know the change has been hard on them, but I am hoping that we can get things settled down soon. Of course I say this, but I may be up rooting them again in the next month. I found a new home babysitter. (by new I mean she is just starting out) She has 3 or 4 kids of her own and 1 more on the way! Use to work at the hospital and is related to someone I work with. If this works out it will be awesome because the girls will be able to stay together.

oh and the duct tape would be for B too. We almost killed each other while waiting to get procedure done and now that we are home he is off and running.

Had my Novasure today and let me tell you it was easy as pie. Of course knowing most of the staff and being friends with the Docs made for a fun time. As I was being wheeled back I shot a make shift rubber band (made out of my tourniquet) at the staff at the desk and accidentally knocked over one of the Anes. coffee, OOPS! I am blaming the Versed. Yeah that is it. Cramping is at the minimal right now, and prob wouldn't have been so bad, but I was carrying A around shortly after discharge. Dbl OOPS!

Love to all!

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