Saturday, July 25, 2009

What A Week

Well I am still dealing with a butt for a FIL. He is still all over something that happened 1.5 years ago in FL. Get over it man, I have enough probs without you. You called a pregnant lady a fat ass and I didn't stand there and take it like you thought I would. I said sorry, what more do you want??? My blood??

We ran test on E's stool - definitely not a bug causing her issues. We go in Tues to talk with our wonderful Doc to decide if we are going to do more testing or do some meds or what. I feel horrible for putting E thru this - I never once thought that she would become so physically sick over everything. I want my happy - nondiarreahial - girl back.

A is into everything and saying more and more each day. Chicken, Milk, up, and of course bye, hi, momma, dadda. Where has the time gone??? Sorta bitter sweet because I know I will never have a newborn again to hold and cuddle, but it is for the best.

I don't even remember what all we did this past week. I am giving the marriage 95% even tho I am dead inside - we will see where we are in 6 mo.

Off to play with A

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