Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Month, New Focus

Over the last month my blog turned into a personal journal. I didn't mean for it to, but I had to have an outlet for what all I was thinking and feeling. I have opened up my blog to my friends again knowing that they will not judge me for what is written.

From this point on my posts will be updates on the girls and me ;0)

E is loving the new daycare, but hates that she doesn't get to see or say goodbye to her friends from the old one. We had an emotional morning between the 2 of us. She keeps telling me I am a bad mom because she doesn't get to see her friends or T, that if I would have talked to everyone this wouldn't have happened. I had enough and told her that she can not keep blaming me for this, that I tried to fix it but couldn't because they didn't want it to be fixed. That this is just a fact of life and to look at all the new friends she is making. (of course we both ended up in tears)

A is still doing well there too. HOWEVER she has learned the nack of pulling on my heart strings. This morning she RAN over to the gate and started bawling and screaming for momma. My heart melted and I was so tempted to turn around pick her up and not go to work.

Me - looking forward to having my Novasure done tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the end of constant bleeding and birth control pills that make me nuttier than what I already am. I will be put to sleep so B will have to stay with us to make sure myself and the girls will be ok. I'm not even worried about the anesthesia, just what I may say as I am put under. I requested my Anes Dr - Dr Pasion himself (or as some RNs call him Dr McDreamy). He is super HOT but my panties don't get in a bunch thinking of him (I know how strange am I!).

I will get some pics this weekend for the 4th and post them so that you all can see how the girls have grown.

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