Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ebay is pulling it's usual tricks - Let them know what we think

I had this post ready to go, then forgot to hit post because I was given the chance to go meet HeatherLynn of Random Thoughts of a Restless Mind a little earlier in the day than planned.  Let me tell you all, she is super WONDERFUL and a cutie patootie.  And of course she got a taste of me in all my frumpy glory.
Supah UPDATE :





Supahmommy needs our help!!!  A IRL friend of hers has a 2 yr that is fighting stage 4 cancer and Supah held an online auction through Ebay to help them with funds in this trying time.  The following is Supah's plea of help from us ....

Dear Friends :

If you don't know about Jaden, I need you to know now. His family and I are in dire straights for your help. I held an auction for his benefit. Many of you helped! Ebay hosted it. They promised to waive all fees. I have documentation.

Ebay is now reneging on it's offer to WAIVE all of Jaden's Fees for the online auction I held. There are $453.70 worth of fees Ebay may no longer waive. They have agreed to waive an initial $50.00 and the rest has to be 'SUMBITTED FOR APPROVAL." I have wasted countless hours... waiting for confirmation of what was promised to me, BY THREE DIFFERENT EBAY REPRESENTATIVES including a supervisor. I have copies of all of the chats. Despite this, I was told tonight that not only am I WRONG, all THREE reps were wrong also. This family needs this money. $450.00 may be peanuts to Ebay but to this family it is a car payment. It pays for Jaden's co pays. It is needed. Point blank.

I would never have hosted the auction on Ebay if they hadn't agreed to waive the fees.

Here's what I need you to do.

I NEED help broadcasting this story EVERYWHERE. I am not waiting to be told NO... 2 weeks from now. I want everyone to PUSH for these fees to be waived.

1. PUT THIS STORY ON YOUR BLOG- link it to this page please! Here's the tiny url.

2. TWITTER ABOUT IT- link it to this page.

Sign up to follow me on Twitter: supahmommy

I will be tweeting HOW TO HELP via twitter ASAP.

These are news media organizations : you can RETWEET to.
NBC @nbcnews
CBS news @cbsnews
CNN @cnn (stats), @cnnbrk (stats), @CNNNewsroom (stats)
Fox News @foxnews (stats)
Abc NEWS: @abc

3. FACEBOOK ABOUT IT- link it to this page.

4. EMAIL (there is a suggestion letter) please include ALL emails i have listed below
   a. the first is just basic help
   b. the second is executive department
   c. President EBAY NORTH America

Attn: Billing Dept, Executive Department , President Ebay North America

Re : seller account sperry_wvu

Chat Session Number: 20866560

To Whom It May Concern,

I am appalled to hear that Ebay is not honoring their promise to waive all fees for a charity auction benefiting a little boy named Jaden Duttine. Jaden is two years old and is sick with stage 4 cancer. It would behoove Ebay's image to approve the reversal of all fees on this sellers account as promised and documented. This family is in dire need of the $453.70 in fees that Ebay might possibly take out of their pocket.

( your name)

5. WRITE A LETTER if you prefer.

Jeffrey D. Jordan
President Ebay INC.
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

Re : seller account sperry_wvu
Chat Session Number: 20866560

6. CALL: The numbers are real.

President North America
Bill Cobb
( Receptionist) 801- 545 - 2276

Hani Durzy Media Relations Ebay
408-376 7458

Re : seller account sperry_wvu
Chat Session Number: 20866560

I have contacted ALL media news outlets and will continue to .
I need your help please. Thank you !


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

What jerks, thanks for all the contact info!

Erin said...

I am so glad they got it all worked out. I tweeted about it and emailed those 3 people.