Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sharing My Secret Indulgence

This morning when I opened my dashboard and saw that David over at The Rest is Still Unwritten had posted I clicked as fast as I could.  My little heart goes flippity flop when ever I see he has posted, not only because he is a cutie patootie but because he is a wonderful writer.  You can not help but relate to David as you read his posts - they are real life.  He does not censor his thoughts and feelings for the readers, however I have yet to be offended by what he writes.  When I am at his place, he transports me to where ever he may be - it is like I am right there experiencing it.

Today's post is no different.  His actual words in this post are minimal, but having read his previous posts, the few lines really grabbed my heart.

I hope you enjoy David as much as I do.

BTW - David has no clue I wrote this and I am sure as he sees traffic coming from here he will wonder who this crazy chick is.  You see, my obsession with his posts was a secret until now.  Sure I've commented a time or two over at TRISU but that is about it.  And warning to all of you who think if you follow someone, they should follow you - David is not that type (see this post).  David if you did stop by, thank you, I truly enjoy each and every one of your posts and am inspired by what you do.  I wish you a wonderful 2010!


HeatherLynn said...

I'll have to go check him out!


Holly said...

Hey MJ-

I will go check him out...never been over there! Thanks for the recommendation.

Erin said...

I am heading that way now, thanks!

kys said...

I'll add another blog to the 500-some that I read.