Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Oh my goodness, I have never seen such ungratefulness!!!  Today was our yearly Christmas meal at work (you can choose from Prime Rib, Turkey, Salmon, or Veggie Lasanga, plus sides) and I heard SEVERAL fellow employees whining about always having the same meal.  And in the next breath you hear, well we better not be getting luggage or a cooler for our gift this Friday. I did say to my office mates "I'm just glad to receive anything and to have a job."  Their response "Well won't you be upset if we don't get our bonus check?"  Nope, because I don't expect it.  They pay me a decent wage so why would I think I should receive more.

End rant.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday


HeatherLynn said...

yeah, i know some people like that too...I'm always grateful for things like that...even if they aren't exactly what you wanted, you should be happy you got anything.

I think that comes from growing up dirt poor....and being forced to wear shoes with Velcro in elementary school....i think they were Zips! I kid could get the crap beat outta them for Zips!

Lucky for ancestors, the O***** family were known ass might of been what saved me, cuz god knows I couldn't of outrun them in THOSE shoes! ;)


Erin said...


More people should think like you did. I always hate hearing grinches complain around the holidays!

5thsister said...

Prime Rib? Salmon? I want to work where you work!!! Seriously good food and a gift to boot!

Sorry about the whiners...that would really get to me, too.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I hate when people act that way. I once worked for a small family owned business, the store didn't make a lot of money but the owners always gave our small staff a little gift during the holidays (like a big jar of Almond Roca), no bonuses. One year a bunch of the staff were complaining and I had to point out, You know, they don't OWE us a gift.

Holly said...

Some people are just greedy or mad...everyone expects things these days!

kys said...

I know what you mean! Everyone at work was complaining because we are only getting a 2% raise instead of the usual 3%. I told them some people were losing their jobs!

Jenn Erickson said...

I agree. People can be so ungrateful. My husband's company cut out bonuses, holiday gifts, and the company dinner years ago. We're just grateful to have a job with decent benefits. People just love to complain. I guess it's kinda cathartic.