Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pass the Toothpicks PLEASE

or could you set me up with one of these

I haven't been sleeping well due to everything that is going on, and last night was no exception.  I had both girls down for the night by 8 - or so I thought.  By 930, I knew that my dreams of a possible peaceful night of sleep was just that, a dream.  Goose woke up coughing and wanted mommy to cuddle (Do you really think I want to be coughed on??  GO TO YOUR OWN BED!!)  so I did what any good mommy would do, I ran downstairs to get the "good" cough medicine with codiene so she would be knocked out. 

THEN Ducky started that annoying whine, you know the one that you can't decide if it is just because they are tired or because they are hurting.  I went and checked on her, rocked her for a minute, and laid her back down.  We were good to go - well for at least an hour.  Ducky WOKE UP EVERY FREAKING HOUR and at 1 this morning she woke up for an hour and a half!  I MEAN WIDE AWAKE - ugh.  At 230 when I laid her back down for the 100th time I was going to let her fuss. 

Well, Mr Grumpy pants came out and was like why aren't you taking care of her - BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN AWAKE MOST OF THE NIGHT AND SHE IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well I can't sleep because I hear her and Goose coughing in my ear.  FINE I will take her to her room and lay in there so you can get your sleep.{I did get - no, just leave her, but I was pissy so I said, oh no, you need your sleep}  I go in there and grab up my 60 pound daughter, carry her to her room, get her settled in and back to sleep. (and for the record she coughed like one time while in her room)  I tried sleeping in her bed with her, but this plus size momma does not fit too well with a large child in a twin(it does not help that she thinks she needs to be practically on top of you!)  She ended up kicking me out of her bed, but I wasn't allowed to leave her room.  So in hopes of getting just a teeny tiny bit of shut eye, I curled up on her floor, and froze my ass off.  (before it is even said, the emotional melt down of leaving her alone is/was not worth it, that is why I tolerate her sleeping in our room on her cot)

Needless to say, today will be a long day.  I went into work a half hour early to sort of comp myself the time I will be missing due to my uncle's viewing and funeral.  Speaking of viewing, it is tonight of all nights, until 8 pm an hour away from home. 

Now be nice please and pass those toothpicks or set me up with that caffiene IV STAT!!!


Life Laugh Latte said...

If only they really made a coffee iv bag. I would buy a case. So sorry it was a hard night. All of us mommies know the feeling and validate your exhaustion. Love the blog design. Hope tonight goes as well as a sad event can. Holly

5thsister said...

I'm so sorry for your bad night, last night, and for your sorrowful evening to come. Prayers offered.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

You have my sympathies; I am sending you a virtual cup of coffee...

HeatherLynn said...

Well, today just ain't your day is it? Mine either, you aren't alone...not for the same reasons as yours, but just take peace in the fact that you aren't alone.

I will pray for a restful, undisturbed night of rest for you.


kys said...

That sucks. I've been there when my kids are coughing. Nothing disturbs Hubs though. I call the cough medicine with codeine Liquid Gold. It is the only thing I hoard.