Saturday, December 26, 2009


Is it a sign of addiction if you have posts scheduled to go up as you are jetting around in a whirlwind of holiday festivities??? Yeah, I thought so!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day,


I am in love.   Seriously, if I could take the little bagger boy home with me I would and then be his Cougar.

It had been a long day and I needed to run to the store to gather all the necessary ingredients for some holiday dish I volunteered to make.  Adorned in frumpy scrubs, a too large winter jacket that advertises the hospital I work for, a pretty rainbow striped scarf, and hair pulled back in a oh-so fashionable nest.  (I sound like a beauty queen don't I!)  I run through the store picking up this or that.  In and out in 10 min flat!  Well as the bagger is finishing loading up the 50th item, I hear the oh so sweet words "Would you like help with that Miss?"  I paused and savored that moment then said "No dear, you stay in where it is warm." *it was tempting, but the urge to shove him in the van and take him home was too great.*

I can not remember the last time I was called Miss.  I have slipped into the Ma'am world quicker than you can spell Mississippi and to be called Miss just made me feel giddy inside.  Especially since I was definitely styling that night.  This will be ranked up there in my fond memories - right along with the time I was carded last year!


kys said...

Oh! Another Christmas present for you!

I hope you guys had a very Merry one!

HeatherLynn said...

which one was he? Chiefs?


Erin said...

Miss MJ,

I can totally relate to this post! You should've kidnapped him. LOL!