Tuesday, December 29, 2009


brought to you by the UnMom

One would think that being child free for a couple nights would mean that I would be well rested, well they would be wrong! I slept like poop last night – tossed and turned worse than if Goose had climbed in during the middle of the night.

Our holidays were busy, but super nice. I was dreading the four days of togetherness, but in reality it was not all that bad. The Michigan trip went better than expected – I didn’t even have to drink or drug myself :o)

Did you know that in order to use the Wii Fit, you must own the console to play it. Yeah, I knew that, but my FIL didn’t. We ended up taking our Christmas money from him to buy a console. Good bye new panties and socks *sniff*

I still have lots on my mind, and don’t really know what to think about some things, but I am not going to over analyze them. I am going to approach it like I am walking on ice – trying to avoid the weak areas so I don’t fall in.

I thought I had gained bunches of weight this season, but lo and behold, I have not gained an ounce!!!

I’m trying to give up Mt Dew – yeah not working so well. And I refuse to do Diet Dew – blech

I should be working but I have no motivation to do so. I have to look at Monday’s cases and make sure that all is ready since we are closed Thursday & Friday.  BUT I did do my dreaded stats yesterday, so those are not staring me in the face :o)

Because of the Wii purchase, the husband finally had the motivation to help me rearrange the upstairs.  The girls are now sharing a room and we do not have to worry about our voices traveling upstairs when Ducky is taking a nap.


Holly said...

That is so funny...did not know you needed the console to play wii fit - he tried, right? I only laugh because that is so something I would do!

Glad the trip worked out and things went well. Good luck with the mountain dew...I'll be working on my coffee addiction!

kys said...

I like your ice analogy. I was thinking about hopping on my Wii Fit today but then I sat down and got sucked right into the Blogosphere.

I hope you have a Happy New Year!!