Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Each day I tell myself I will be ok.

That is until E asks me when the friend can take her home or we can go to her house again. Yesterday morning on the way in she started in about how she never gets to see her and misses her. I told her I understand and that she will just have to give extra hugs when she sees her at the daycare. I did text the friend and asked her to try and see E cause she is having a hard time too.

Well today on they way in E told me that she got to see her TWO TIMES yesterday and hug her. Now when can we go to her house again?? It's not fair cause ******* (a girl in her class) goes all the time now. I just said that the friend is really busy right now and she's watching ******** that's why she's there. OH mommy. But why can't we go too?? You miss her and I miss her and A misses her too. You are sad and cry mommy cause you miss her so much. I sorta didn't have a response to that one.


Update on the girls . . .

A is adjusting to being in the Tiny Tot's room, shes becoming more vocal too. She has been a little clingy there and at home this week, but I am sure that it is because of the change. But in a week, 2 of her friends from the nursery come down and then a couple weeks after that (on the 6th which was her original move date) another 1 comes down too. She is so tiny compared to the others down there right now.

E is testing the limit on her mouth and is finishing up a week of grounding. Along with the mouth she has been writing on walls, painting dad's car windows and mirrors with sunscreen, and walking out the door with out asking or telling someone.


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