Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time Marches On

Things have been crazy the last few days. Because of hurt feelings and a WHOLE lot of drama, A is being moved from the nursery as of Monday. I really hope that means our lives can settle down some because my heart can't handle any more hurt.

E is super excited about the upcoming summer at daycare. Mondays are Library day, which for those of you who know her, is a DREAM come true. Tuesdays are swim lesson days, and I think she may be more excited about this than the library. She even had me get her hair cut cause it will be easier for swimming mom!

A has had a rough week. To the doctor twice, and both times nothing wrong. She is getting all 4 of her 1 year molars in so she has loose stools (which daycare thought was diarrhea) and the 2nd time there was a mysterious rash that appeared then disappeared. Needless to say, we have an assigned room now at the doctor office. I thought we may be heading to the ER for an admission last night because she spiked a 103.3 fever. The health care worker in me dosed her with some Motrin and monitored her all night.

As for me, well I'm surviving. I need to talk to the one pastor at work and see if I can sit down and talk with him. There is something about him that just brings peace and right now that is what I need the most. The second job hasn't had any patients the last 2 weekends so I haven't been working there, which means a lil stress on the money front. But we will survive and time marches on

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