Thursday, September 10, 2009

1000 Word Thursday

600 or so words short! LOL

Fall is coming, fall is coming!! (imagine a little kid excited for something, yeah that is me right now!) I adore everything about fall.

Crisp air

Changing leaves


Pumpkin Patches

Fires (think camp or bon)

Ah, I think I will be in heaven! I cannot wait to slip on my comfy, worn out, jeans and a snuggly sweatshirt then go hang out in the woods. I can feel and hear the leaves crunching underneath already!!! I can smell the fresh tart apples and apple cider (my mouth is watering already!) Autumn is such a rejuvenating time for me, and I am ready for it!

Some people Spring clean, not me, I Autumn clean. As leaves fall I think of shedding the unwanted and unneeded baggage of the past year(s). (Wow, it just hit me that this could totally include some emotional baggage) This year I will be going thru the baby clothes and getting ready to hand them off to a friend who is due in December. This is bitter sweet because it is a finality of no more children for me, but exciting at the same time – knowing that I will be helping someone out is so rewarding, and this girl deserves it. I hope she enjoys her first born as much as I enjoy my girls.

A friend has inspired me to think about Halloween and how to dress the girls this year. I really need to sit down with E and see what she would like to be and then find a way to make A’s costume go with it. If E will have it, I would love to make her a flower and A a ladybug (I already have the costume!) – too corny?? Maybe, but hey I am a corny type person! I do not mind making the costumes, actually I prefer to do so. If you have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment!

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** E's suggestions:
1) She be a princess and A be a fairy; cute but not what I was looking for.
2) She be a princess and A a pea (get it, The Princess and the Pea) I actually may have to run with this one - it is too cute not to!!! I am so proud of my girl for thinking this one up!

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