Monday, September 14, 2009

what was I thinkin

I was hoping for a happy day - or at least a day where there was no fighting or tears - what was I thinking.

As I write this I have tears running down my face for 2 reasons. One my baby girl is breaking my heart - for the last 2 weeks she has said she hates school, that no one likes her and she has no friends. Two - my lovely husband started yelling at me because I am upset about #1. He started to yell then fine, quit your fucking job and pull her out of school. And I am pretty sure as I was leaving the bedroom I heard him call me the c word, all I can say is if he did, it will not be pretty. That is one word I do not tolerate at all.

I just want my girl to be happy - and it kills me she isn't. I can handle the hurt and yelling, but my baby doesn't need to go through it. I will do anything to protect her, and give her the skills I didn't have to cope with how mean kids can be.

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