Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am miserable.

I have some how pinched a nerve in my shoulder/neck area and I am too darn stubborn to go see one of my chiro's partners since he thinks he needs time off for becoming a daddy again - geesh some people. Although the thought did cross my mind to run up stairs and say congrats to the new parents, then say "hey you wouldn't know any tricks to fix this pain in my neck" (not as funny as the time I got to say arse) But I kept it at a thought, well with the exception of I ran up to see if I could see the most beautiful girl (well besides my girls) in the nursery (but wait my girls weren't in the nursery, so I can say that she was the most beautiful).

Also, my sinuses have decided that today would be a good day to reek havoc on me. OY VEY!!!! You know it is bad when a co-worker looks at you and says "your sinuses are puffy". My head hurts, no scratch that, my face hurts. It feels as if I am bruised from nose to ear. I am sneezing and sniffing, and just lovely all around. (another reason I didn't visit upstairs and just looked from afar)

I also am depressed - big surprise there eh? So much is going on and I am overwhelmed with the choices I need to make. I know in my heart what I need and want to do, but it is scary. Yesterday's post actually has a hidden message (see if you can figure it out) - I have been struggling really bad the last couple days.

On a happy note, I got a call from Goose's teacher today, and she had an EXCELLENT day! YAYAYAY! Go goose, go goose!

Ducky is her usual ornery self and hid one of her tennis shoes at the sitters. The poor lady has resorted to going thru the trash tonight to see if she can find it!

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