Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 years

well it will be tomorrow ;o)

9/14/02 - Pigeon Forge, TN - planned runaway wedding. B never wanted a huge, fancy wedding, so I gave up my dream wedding and went to TN to get hitched in a $40 dress found on clearance at Fashion Bug. No family, no rush, no hassles. It was nice because I didn't have 101 people telling me to do this or that, but I sort of regret not having some family there.

The dress I wanted:

Us on our wedding day:

Things have changed alot in those 7 years (12 years if you count the years we dated): 4 pregnancies, 2 beautiful baby girls, buying our 2nd home, and a job change to name just a few. Over the years I have watched the man I married grow up, A LOT, and sometimes I forget how far he has come. I want him to be my picture perfect husband instead of being happy with what I got. It could be alot worse, I realize this; it is just sometimes you get tired of fighting. The arguments get old, the fighting for the attention and help you need wears one out. But on the eve of this anniversary, I want to say thank you for putting up with me. I haven't been the best wife either. I am moody, picky, and set in my ways. I want things my way when I want them darn it!! Yet despite all I have done (and there were a few doozies) he still is right there - it is not because he couldn't do better, he could believe me. So B - THANK YOU, and Happy Anniversary - the road may have been really bumpy getting here, but we did it and if we hold on tight, we will make it over the hill.

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