Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear ...

Dear Family,

It would be wonderful if you could read my mind, ok, ok, how about just listen to me for once!!

When I ask you nicely to do something, don't sit there and roll your eyes - don't you know if someone came along and slapped your back you would be stuck like that! (ok, myb not, but you don't need to know that)

Also, I may not come right out and tell you to do something, but when I am listing off the things that need to be done, that means DO IT, or at least help me!! I know I am super mom and capable of doing 101 things at once, but it does not mean I like doing 101 things!!

Oh, and little one, the constant "Uh" and pulling at the pant leg does not make supper appear any sooner. I will feed you at least once today, promise.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Your ever loving Wife & Mom

Dear Boss,

If you are going to pass off the article you asked ME to write as your own, don't forward the email from YOUR higher ups asking you to add this and that to it - and then expect me to make the changes. You took the credit, you make the changes dear. But do I say that to you, no because then what would I have to blog about??
Oh and don't be surprised when I plead my case for a raise again for assigning me things that go above and beyond "OTHER".

Your ever faithful employee

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Jen said...

Sooo, your Dear Family letter...sounds like you live at my house!