Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have an awesome fall jacket that I purchased from Kohl’s a couple years ago that at the time was snug, but I just had to have it (hush peanut gallery). The last time I wore this thing was, well last fall, and I looked like a fat Vienna sausage in it so I promptly hung it back up in its place of honor. I have looked at that jacket and thought to myself, I need to give it to someone that could really use a jacket, goodness knows I only have 20 others.

Well this morning I asked Goose if I should wear the boring parka emblazoned with the hospital’s logo and name or this fall gem. “Mom you have to wear that one, it is so cool!” So I slowly slipped one arm in, hey that wasn’t so bad, then I slipped the other in. SWEET, I am no longer fat guy in a little coat! (ok who wants to get brownie points and post a comment of what movie this is from!? I know it, but lets see if you do!)

I am ready to rock this jacket this season!! It was the little boost I needed. Who needs to go buy new clothes when you can unearth gems from the back of the closet. You know those ones that you say I will keep because one day I will fit in them (fill in the blank with whatever is your poison).


Anonymous said...

Tommy Boy, hehe, I use that line all the time :)
Love, Gretch

MJ said...

You win Gretch!! do you want cookies or the afor mentioned brownies?? ;o)

LOL yes, but you have a valid, medical (and precious) reason to use the line!!! Mine is just because I like to eat!

I <3 Tommy Boy!!

Love, MJ

Frankenmunster said...

you must sing it like in the movie....fffaaatt guuuy in a liiiittttlllleee cooooooat!! haha!!