Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Year

Where has the year gone?? It is like the old adage of time flies when you are having fun. But in my case, I don't know if the last year was fun, parts were I guess. It definitely has been a year of growth and change though, and I wouldn't take back a darn thing because everything that happened shaped who I am now - who I will be in the future! It just hit me that in 22 days I will be 32 - yuk. I feel like I need a make over or new wardrobe, but you know, that requires money - something that is in high demand, but we are WAY short on. But wait, I do have a gift card to Jewels!!!!! I see some pampering coming up - now to decide what to do - I have enough for an hour massage, pedi and mani, but can use the face value of the card however I wish. Hmm decisions, decisions. (I don’t think I will get anything done with the hair, just because of the upkeep)

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