Friday, September 18, 2009


this made me giggle!! (click on the picture to make it readable - unless you have super vision!)

I LOVE House - and this is too funny not to laugh out loud about!

I am feeling better - just a tad. My head still hurts, but at least I am not sniffing, dripping, or sneezing! I get to go home to silence tonight - but all I get to do is sleep. I am scheduled at the other place and they actually have TWO (count them 2) whole patients!!! Then it is Canal Days in Delphos this weekend, so we will walk up to look around some. Then Monday I took my birthday holiday (YES I know my day actually isn't until Wednesday, but I wanted a long weekend). I am going to have an hour long stone massage - can not wait!!!

I will be back later to put up a Faithful Friday bit.

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