Monday, September 7, 2009


I almost didn't post anything today. My weekly wisdoms spoke to me, but not so much that I felt compelled to share. I have been struggling this weekend and feel really blue - at least I recognize that right!? I feel like the worst momma because I let E make me feel that way during her tantrums. I don't know how many times I was told I was bad or she wanted a new family today alone. But, my loving child is semi back to herself and has apologized for "hurting mommy's feelings"

Yesterday we met my parents, sister and her boyfriend for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. As usual everything was yummy - I just love their Grilled Chicken Salad - there is always enough for a second meal!

E before leaving

A and my dad

Today B is here for a demolition derby. *this just in - he won enough to cover the entry fee - but is unable to run the feature because he broke the drive shaft*

I made some homemade granola bars using this recipe. It didn't turn out too bad, E seems to really like them and that is the true test! I think next time I may add just a little bit of brown sugar to sweeten them up though.

yeah, that's all folks - my heart just is not in this right now. okluvyabuhbye


Anonymous said...

E looks just like you in that pic!! Love it :)

I am going to try that granola bar recipe-- yummmmmmm!

MJ said...

Gretch - LOL I know poor kiddo!!! The bars aren't too bad, thicker than what I am use to, but I eat one for breakfast (7a) and am not hungry until 1-ish.
Love, MJ
PS - I hope you don't mind I linked to Norm's page! (I know a little late asking!)