Thursday, August 13, 2009

100 MPH

There are several changes coming up that I am anxious over. My thoughts are going 100 MPH and it is hard to focus. I worked ahead so work is not suffering too much - Thank goodness!

The girls are starting at the baby sitter’s house on Monday – I have not used a home provider since E was a wee one. I had a very bad experience that really made me leery of using them – thankfully the experience was just that she would scream and cry from drop off to pick up, and her not being hurt. But that was enough to make me not want to use a sitter, well that and one day when I went to drop off the sitter was no where to be found for 10 minutes – while the other children were sitting in the living room and the door was unlocked. I know the girls will be fine – this lady seems wonderful – it is just mommy worries.

E is starting kinder on the 25th – no no no no NO! I have been worrying about this day since she was born. I want my baby to have fun – I want her to be liked. I don’t want her to have to go thru the teasing I endured – I don’t want her to have to go thru the hours of tears and finding ways to be sick so she doesn’t have to go. I have no worries about being able to do the school work – it is the social aspect I am fretting about. During orientation last night there wasn't a whole lot of opportunities for the kiddos to interact - I wish there was - but she seemed ok with going off by herself to take a bus ride. Of course on the way home she said "No one sat with me" in her saddest voice.

On a side note – we switched dentist offices and today was our first appointment – must say I really like it there. E had a wonderful check-up – we are going to watch the little skin piece that connects the upper lip to the gums. It may cause her to be a little gaped tooth when she gets older – so we may have it clipped – but the dentist wants to wait until she is 13ish to decide. As for me, teeth are still looking good, just the usual reminder I need to floss – GAG – I hate flossing because I always end up gagging myself!! How do you get your fingers back there without putting too much of your hand in??

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