Monday, August 3, 2009

A day in the life of ....


530 - alarm goes off (hit snooze x3)
600 - up and at'em (shower and dress)
615 - make sure girls are up
625- get scolded by the youngest because her Nutrigrain Bar isn't waiting for her
630 - get scolded by oldest because she doesn't want that * this is when I say I'm not a diner *
640 - go back upstairs to see if the slug is getting out of bed for work
650 - do my hair n brush teeth - oh and say bye to the slug
700 - prod oldest to eat something
715 - change n dress A
720 - wrestle E into bathroom to get hair combed n brush her teeth
730 - threaten bodily harm to E to get her dressed n shoes on
740 - out the door
800 -drop off at the funny farm, I mean day care
810 to 510 - blissful quiet! well as much as one can have at work
511 - listen to "what are we having for supper?" "I don't want that!" "do you have a treat?" "but mom WHY NOT!?!?!?!"
540 - slaving away over stove
600 - munch chomp gurgle (no thanks or that was good - or wait is that what that means)
620 - clean up table and kitchen
630 - play with the girls on non bath nights - bathes on, well bath nights duh
715 - unwind time
730 - BEDTIME!
740 - still trying to get E to her room
750 - still fighting
800 - yeah still fighting
815 - give up and lay with E
845 - back down to pretend to do housework - that is if I didn't fall asleep too
930 - my bedtime which means I get to sleep about 10 or 1030
1030 - hope and pray everyone sleeps thru the night

then hit repeat - yeah it's like Groundhog Day - over and over and over

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