Sunday, August 9, 2009

I work hard for the money

Is it too much to ask to stick to a budget??

Money is tight for us right now, as I am sure it is for many. I have cut corners in several areas both at home and at work. I didn't need the daily Starbucks fix, so I go on Monday and Friday. I try to keep my lunch to under $3 - which isn't too hard if I do the 500 cal meal for $2.15. I take out $20 for 2 weeks of misc purchases, whether it be a soda or whatever, and once it is gone, it is gone. (I budget about $15 more for lunches at work - which comes right out of my paycheck) I have turned down ordering out at work or going out with the girls because I did not have the money or didn't want to spend my money on that. I have chose to not eat a lot at dinner for a couple reasons, one my waistline doesn't need it and two I want to make sure that my girls have enough to eat. Now don't think that we are dirt poor, I am trying to make what we have last as long as I can so I don't fix huge dinners - we are a family that rarely eats leftovers unless I can fix it into something else. (I once made square meatballs for spaghetti out of a meatloaf) And we are VERY fortunate because every year for Christmas my parents buy us a 1/4 of a beef (the year I requested this my mom thought I was nuts, but seriously it is the gift that keeps on giving all year) Oops, off on a tangent there (and why did all my examples have to do with food?)

Not my husband. He will take out $40 to $50 and then still use his debit card for more crap. Seriously, do you need a slice of pizza for breakfast when you could get up on time and make an egg? Do you really need to buy a soda every day? (YES I know this habit is way down from the 12 pack plus a day one) Did you have to buy the UFC fight just because you wanted to?? *note - his spending habit has actually gotten better, but there still is lots of room for improvement* As far as eating goes - no I'm not going there. It's just not worth it.

It may sound like I harbor some resentment, and maybe I do just a little, but I work my ass off for this family. I have 2 jobs just so that I can do what - struggle some more? I do not want to be $20,000 in debt again to the credit cards. I do not want to have to wonder where the next meal is coming from. I want to feel like we both are in this together instead of me fighting to keep things above water to just be pulled under by him.

What spurred this rant?? Touching our children's money - without talking about it - is a HUGE no no. In the past, we have used E's CD to bail us out, but I try REALLY hard not to touch it. However, tonight I found out all of A's money was taken from her piggy bank (close to $200). This was money that I was going to use to purchase a CD for her with. His excuse was you wanted the bills paid right??? Ummm yeah, but not with our child's money and if we had to use it, it was something we should of talked about. Hard concept to grasp?? I think not! Maybe I am in the wrong, but damn it where is the communication that we are suppose to be having.


*and before it is said that I don't appreciate all he does, I do. I know he has a very hard, physical job - and I appreciate that he is willing to do it. I also know putting up with me isn't easy.*

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