Thursday, August 6, 2009

Screw It

I've decided to open up the blog for anyone to see. If you are offended by what is written, tough toe nails. This is my thoughts, my feelings, nobody told you you had to agree. Also, if you think this is attacking you, it's not, it is just a venting, and if I really have a beef with you, I would have already discussed it with you before posting.

Oh and people, don't take life so seriously -and don't put all your eggs into one basket. I've learned the hard way, it's not worth it!


PS -for those of you just stumbling upon my site and those that know me but I have never shared with - I struggle with depression and anxiety. I also had a major breakdown just over a month ago. Things are slowly getting better - it is like the old adage, one step forward for every two back - but I'm getting there. My relationship with God is something that I am working on also - so you will see some posts about that - I am not trying to force it on you, but sharing what has helped or spoke to me.

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