Saturday, August 15, 2009


I just finished reading "Let Go" by Sheila Walsh thanks to M. I must say I had tears while reading some of it - just because I could see myself in so much that was written. I knew that my relationship with God had been put on the back burner, but I didn't realize how lost I was. It took hitting the bottom of the black hole back in June to realize that He was there the whole time waiting for me. Since I have turned back to trusting Him I have been more at peace with my life than I have in a long time. Not to say there have not been trials - but they look a whole lot different when you put your faith in Him.

Here is just a small snippet of the book - "Let go of what, Lord? I'm trying to hold on to our lives here. What do you want me to let go of?" It became clear to me that I was being invited to let go of everything.
* Let go of trying to fix this
* Let go of trying to work out what will happen
* Let go of protecting yourself

M- THANK YOU for sharing this book, I will get both books and your CD back to you soon.

Other thoughts -

I am slowly refinding myself. I had let other's negativity bring me down and I allowed myself to behave inappropriately. I am ashamed of some of the things I have said and did, but dwelling on them will not help. Neither will focusing on what others think or say. From this point forward I am being true to myself.

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