Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We did it, we survived the first day - despite being a little late because the school wasn't real clear as to what time to arrive. Normally the children who go to religion do not get to school until 840, with classes starting at 850. E will be one of these children. Well the first day they did not want the kinder class going to religion and just go to the school. Oh well minor set back, now we know and it is all good. 10 minutes isn't huge in the scheme of things is it!? Oh and E had a melt down because I made her change into her tennis shoes. This coming from a girl who 2 months ago would never take them off and thought that flip-flops were evil! On the way home she did confess she was glad I made her wear them though!

Posing at home

Leaving the sitter's house

On the way to school

Pouting because of the shoes still!

After School treat! That was suppose to be shared ;o)

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