Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not Ready

Well the babysitter situation panned out to be a good one! We interviewed each other Thursday night and she offered us *drum roll please* a position for both girls! I am excited and a little heart broken too. It will be wonderful to have the girls at the same place, with a 20+ yr veteran of sitting, and not having to drop 1 off here and 1 there. The sad part is I was looking forward to having my friend M watch A. M is such a wonderful person and influence that anyone would be lucky to have her watch their children. To top it off, I would have gotten to see M daily, guess I will have to do better at being social.

We finished up school shopping last night *sniff* It is hard to believe that my "baby" will be starting kinder on the 25th. Where has the last 5 yrs gone?? I can remember her first steps (at 8 mo), the time I felt like a horrible mom cause she pulled my curling iron down and burnt the back of her hand (like instantly blistered burnt), her first words, and on and on and on. I keep telling myself that I need to embrace this and that I need to look at all the wonderful things we have to come. School programs, soccer, more mouth, more independence. BUT I'M NOT READY!!!!!!!!

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