Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chit Chat - Writing Workshop

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I had to choose the second picture because it reminded me of a conversation my husband and I had this past summer. We had minimal rainfall, so instead of the once a week mowing, we mowed maybe 3 times total.

Me: Would you please mow, or at least knock the top off the weeds?

B: Looook at this grass, it doesn't need mowed, you're smoking something.

Me: It is flipping embarrassing enough being the rednecks of the neighborhood, we do not need to draw more attention to us.

B: Well if we are the rednecks of the neighborhood there is no need to mow and I should pull this here car out of the garage and park it in that grassy spot.

Me: Shut up and just mow please, or I will do it.

B: Ok, Ok. I will mow it tonight or tomorrow.

Me: (2 days later) Are you ever going to mow??????

True story, girl scout honor. (well there may be some embellishment, you know how a woman's mind works)

PS - The yard did get mowed - 1 to 2 WEEKS later!! and the car in reference was a demolition derby one - real nice dear, real nice!


kyslp said...

Are we married to the same man?

kisatrtle said...

We did the same cartoon...I liked yours. thanks for the chuckle

Jeanette said...

Too funny!

Mama Kat said...

Oh did he ever mow it!?! Haha.

MJ said...

He mowed it a WEEK later!!!! Oh and the car he was talking about was a demolition derby one!

Jen said...

LOL! That was great!

Jen said...

You don't have a follow button. I was going to follow you so that I can come back again. Like your blog:)

Stephanie said...

So funny