Thursday, October 29, 2009

Suck n Blow

Since so many of you were asking my opinion on my Dyson I thought I would write a quick post. Yes, I know I emailed several of you directly, tough toenails for you - skip this part and check out the blow part of the post. Reminder, this is just my opinion, and I am in no shape or form telling anyone not to buy one.

I bought my Dyson at the end of 2004 and obviously if I am still using it, it can't be TOO bad. I was mesmerized by the suction that Mr Dyson kept touting. If it was that good, man I could have a furless house and pets. (at this time we had 2 dogs and 3 cats in the house) I started talking about it at work and a few of the nurses said they LOVED their Dyson and couldn't imagine any other vacuum. Hhmmm, this made me want to jump on the band wagon even more so - yet I still wasn't too sure I wanted to shell out the money. One of my coworkers offered to bring hers over so I could try it - SWEET. She unloaded it and I started to play with all the features. First I {loved} the yellow, but ooo I could get it in purple too. Then there was the fantastic handle - I couldn't get over how wonderful it was that the hose was actually the handle and there was no stopping or unhooking, unsnapping, or any other of the "old" ways. I was sold. Never mind the fact I never actually test drove the actual vacuum - I had to have one. (Yes I am easy) Once I got my shiney new Dyson home I had to break it in. Oh wow, look at all the dirt in the collection cup - eewwww GROSS. At this time, we had carpet thru out our home and I never really noticed if it left anything behind or not. I was still amazed at the crap in the cup. However, since moving into a home that has the original hardwood floors thru out most of it, I am noticing that this baby doesn't pick up or suck as promised. Yes I have had it cleaned and maintenanced and it still doesn't perform as well as one picked up at Wal-Mart for under $100.

So the long story short on this is, if you really are interested in purchasing a Dyson, beg, borrow, steal one from a friend or family member first. Just remember to really try out the function that is most important to you. You never know, you may like it way more than I do!

- - -

This year Trick or Treating is going to BLOW if it rains or is nasty. In inclement weather, we have always had the option of going to a local nursing home/assisted living. Well due to the wonderful H1N1 epidemic they are canceling Trick or Treat there. Ggrrrr, I always hope for bad weather so that we can go there. It is all enclosed and I think the interaction with the elderly and confined is fantastic. Both parties benefit from this - the residents LOVE the kids and company - the children learn how important it is to be caring and maybe even a little empathy (okay maybe that is just wishful thinking)

I understand why they are not having it, but it really, really blows.

Has anyone else's Halloween/Fall/Autumn activities been effected by H1N1?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Confessional!


ShellSpann said...

We have had so much rain here in the last few weeks but they are saying no rain on Saturday. Our plans haven't been affected by H1N1 at this point and I'm really nothing in our area gets cancelled. If it does rain, we have a few indoor options so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't cancel at the last minute.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Every time I think of Dyson I hear that dudes accent in my head. I hope it doesn't rain too. My kids will be bummed!

The Blue Zoo said...

I love, love, love, love, and love my Dyson! lol I could never live without it. I wonder if you just got a defective one or something. Cause I had a yellow one, but I wanted the purple one. So I gave the yellow one to my mom, its maybe 5 yrs old and still works great. And of course my purple one is still amazing.

I am also hoping Halloween doesnt get ruined by our weather. It has been SO cold. Luckily there's a church right down the street that has an awesome (indoor) Harvest party.

Erin M. said...

It has been raining here like every other day and the outlook is bleak for Saturday. I'm mad. We, too, had similar plans to go to a nursing home, and it hasn't been canceled, but I made my own decision based on the flu junk. Oh well. The kids have a Halloween party at school tomorrow and we're baking pumpkin cupcakes this afternoon, so that should be plenty o' Halloween for this year, right?!?!?

Erin M. said...

p.s. I do not have a Dyson, and I am not happy w/ my current vacuum. I don't understand what's so difficult about SUCKING!


kys said...

Cancelled Trick or Treat? Outlook is rainy here, too. We may head to an indoor Fall Festival instead.

The only catch - It's at the church that we left over a year ago. You know how some of these Good Christians can be.

Holly said...

I love/hate my Dyson. It works really well on carpet, but not so much on the hardwood (don;t tell me floor guy...not supposed to be using it there anyway!).

No cancelled or changed Halloween plans on a large scale here...I am sick so that may change however. The weather is actually beautiful.