Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Confessions

After much internal debate and a little poll, I am going to start a Friday Confessional.

My vision of how things will go: I will put a Mr Linky up and those that would like to link to thier site, go for it! You may also just place your confession in the comments if you wish. (Of course comments are welcome anytime.) And then, tons of praise of how wonderful I am will fall down from the heavens (ok, wishful thinking on my part).

Simple as that (so they say - I am sure I just bit off more than I could chew!! Time will tell.)
Spread the word if you like the idea - otherwise all will be for naught!

I must confess:

  • my children were ignored this evening to create this carnival
  • I had diarrhea of the mouth/fingers (oh ok thoughts) with someone that should be out of my life - AGAIN
  • I tried to drown myself in salty liquid until I fell asleep a couple times this week
  • I am afraid that I ran people away from my blog with all my gloom n doom
  • my husband thinks that all "this" (with a wave at the computer/blog) is stupid

Now it is your turn!


kyslp said...

I will do a confession a little later and link you up.

I always have diarrhea of the mouth/constipation of the brain. (Chronic)

Don't worry about running people away from your blog. It's your blog and you can doom and gloom if you want to.

Kelly said...

Tell your husband that your blog isn't stupid. Mine seems to think the same alot of the time. I see it as an outlet and a way to connect with people. As a SAHM, if I didnt blog I would have very little contact with the adult world. I have made alot of really good friends.

filmgirl said...

blogs are stupid, but isn't that the point? it's junkfood for the brain and it's great creative outlet...and seriously, sometimes a girl's gotta say what she's gotta say.

my confession: I told a boy yesterday that I got back together with my ex so that I didn't have to tell him the truth. that I just wasn't attracted to him in the slightest. but then, I feel like every girl has done that.

I have a blog, too, if you want to check it out:

Frankenmunster said...

ok, not sure if this is how this is done.....but here we confession...

1. I have been rude to a "friend" in school because i am seriosly annoyed by how she acts like she's soooo much better than everyone i am now being a complete bitch to her.

2. I contemplated giving up and quiting my radiology program for reasons that were simply selfish on my part....(glad i didn't)

3. I have been rude to freinds that I shouldn't have been and for no good reason....

i think there are probly more but can't think of them....go figure! :-)