Thursday, October 15, 2009

My name is

Slim Shady. My Name is - oh wait that's not right.

I am a woman of many names: mom, momma, mommy, hey you, teddy, darlin, lovey, dear, bitch, whiney bitch, Mary, MJ

However, Mary Jane is the one name that shows on all the legal documents thanks to my parents. I was blessed with being named after my grandmas - Mary Eleanor and Martha Jane.

Even with the teasing I received (uh, uh what were your parents doing, hee hee) I am proud to be Mary Jane. Besides, I just do not see myself as any other combination of those four names. Hey Big Martha, what up? How do you do Eleanor? See none of those seem to fit me. I am a plain Jane (well Mary Jane).

So, thank you mom (and dad) for such a classic, timeless name.

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Charlene said...

I never liked my first named much (Veronica), not until I was almost an adult. It's a very grown up name, much like Mary Jane.

Stephanie said...

I like your name hey it was good enough for Spiderman!!:)

Neuffj said...

I love your name! Love the post and love writers workshops

Holly said...

You do have a fantastic and timeless name. Besides aren't more classic names "in" right now. I always wanted a name I could shorten...MJ...I love it!
Holly @ 504 Main

Charisse and Holly said...

Oh too! I wanted a nickname so desperately...there is just nothing you can do with Holly:) I was Holls for awhile...some highschool friends still call me that. One of my hubby's friends calls me Hofu. Neither I would call short, cute, meaningful. Hmmm. I do like your name...and I'm just lame enough not to have made the marijuana connection. Have a great day MJ. Holly at

MJ said...

hhmmm I can see the issue with Holly - Hey Ho! ;o) And I would have called you Hol or Holls - just because I shorten EVERYONE's name, not meaning to.

I went with classic names for the girls too, just because there is something about having a strong, timeless name. Although, now that I am thinking about it, I wouldn't have minded being a Vanessa when I was younger.

Have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

You do have a very good name!

Liz in Virginia said...

Hey, MJ -- I love your name too! There is strength and peace in the name Mary -- I think it goes well with everything! And MJ is the perfect nickname -- it kicks a** and takes names!

Regarding the Duggar hair style -- can I just say "NO!?"

-- Liz at

kyslp said...

I like your name, too. I went to school with a Mary Beth and was jealous of her because she had 2 names and I only have one.

kyslp said...

PS When my oldest was a baby he loved that Eminem song. We were always up in the wee hours of the night watching MTV. He also liked Bawitaba (however you spell it).

Anonymous said...

I like Mary Jane, but you'll always be Mmm'Jay to me. :)

~Heather B. (I don't know how to have a profile)

Erin M. said...

I love your name.

I went to college with a Mary Jane and I idolized her, so there are some powerful associations already going on here for me!!!

She had the most gorgeous hair, she was brilliant, and very softspoken. She was very tall and bit-boned like me, but somehow she was so graceful in herself. I was always too shy to ever try and talk to her, but she was someone I would have liked to have been friends with.